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Written by Sanatana Dasa Gosvami. Translation and Commentary by Gopiparanadhana Dasa. Narrated by Kesava Bharati Maharaja.


In Volume One of Sri Brhad-Bhagavatamrta, the great sage Narada, a pure devotee of Krishna, travels from earth to heaven and the spiritual world in search of the greatest recipient of Krishna's mercy. As he proceeds on his journey, Narada meets many pure devotees of Krishna and gives evidence to show how that devotee has been favored by Krishna. Each devotee, embarrassed to hear himself praised, recommends that Narada visit another devotee.

Narada sees greater and greater manifestations of Krishna's mercy, until he finds those pure souls who embody the complete manifestation of Krishna's mercy--the exalted gopis of Vraja. Join Narada on his quest and discover his awe, love, and deepest appreciation as he grasps the gopis' position as Krishna's best devotees.

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  • Play Time: 12 hours, 37 minutes
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1. Chapter 1: Bhauma On the Earth
2. Chapter 2: Divya In Heaven
3. Chapter 3: Prapancatita: Beyond the Material World
4. Chapter 4: Bhakta: the Devotee
5. Chapter 5: Priya: The Beloved
6. Chapter 6: Priyatama: The Most Beloved
7. Chapter 7: Purna: the complete Perfection

Chapter 1: Bhauma On the Earth
Chapter 2: Divya In Heaven