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Parallels: Ancient Insights Into Modern UFO Phenomena

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For decades, researchers have exhaustively documented modern UFO phenomena, but questions remain about the origins of these strange objects and the intentions of the beings associated with them. In Parallels, Richard L. Thompson shows that answers may lie in the records of ancient civilizations claiming thousands of years of contact with races appearing to have an unearthly origin. Startling parallels between modern UFO accounts and events described in the ancient Sanskrit writings of India offer fresh insight into the nature of exotic incidents reported throughout human history.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This book was originally published as Alien Identities: Ancient Insights into Modern UFO Phenomena. The new title, Parallels, was the author’s original choice.

Softbound, 447 pages, index, 6" x 9".

Product Reviews

  1. Not fully Equivalent to "Alien Idenities"

    Posted by Krsna-nama das on 18th Jan 2020

    I am a great admirer of Richard L Thompson's (Sadaputa Prabhu’s) work in general, and of Alien Identities, in particular. At the time it was published, it offered a groundbreaking, Vedic-inspired perspective on the possible nature of UFOs and related phenomena. So, when Parallels, the re-titled edition of the book, was published, I was glad to anticipate that new readers would be exposed to Dr. Thompson’s ideas on the subject. On the positive side, most of the content has been preserved in the new edition. But much to my dismay, I discovered that a sizable section of the 1994 print edition has been excised, starting with what used to be on page 176. The sub-chapter, "The Complete Contactee," has been eliminated. With it, the following sections are gone: "Movies and Photographs," "Landing Tracks," "Corroborating Stories," "Assorted Discrepancies," and "Biblical Extraterrestrials." In addition, the subsequent sub-chapter of the print edition, "The Alien Deception Hypothesis," has also been eliminated. It should be noted that this is not just a matter of the relabeling of the sections of the book. When examining the index, one will find that references to several personalities and episodes are indeed absent from the present edition.

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