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Sadaputa Dasa (Dr. Richard L. Thompson)


In this magazine the authors present a nontechnical review of current scientific theories of the origin of the universe, the origin of living organisms, and the nature of the conscious self. The basic finding is that the reductionistic worldview of modern science is by no means solidly established; the authors therefore outline an alternative view in which the world is understood to be only partially quantifiable and in which both purpose and spiritual qualities are granted existence.

Big Questions about the Big Bang
For years, the big bang theory has been put forward by scientists as the only viable explanation of the origin of the universe. But upon closer examination it appears that the little publicized shortcomings of the theory may prove to be insurmountable.

The Mystery of Consciousness
Consciousness is a face of life. [Is the previous sentence correct? Check it.] We all have it. But can modern science explain it within is current mechanistic framework? It appears not.

Life from Chemicals: Fact or Fantasy
In Darwin’s time, scientists thought the living cell to be no more than a simple bag of chemicals. They could readily imagine that the first such cell might have spontaneously evolved from a mixture of organic chemicals. But as modern biochemical research uncovers the incredible complexity of even the simplest microorganisms, it is not so clear that chemical evolution is adequate to explain the origin of life.

Evolution Theory:
A New Look at Evolution
Certain types of evidence have traditionally been cited as proof for the idea that one species gives rise to another by purely physical processes. But upon critical examination, it appears that same evidence can be used to show that intelligent design may have played a part in the origin of species.

The Record of the Rocks

According to the scientific establishment, the “fact” of evolution is clearly evident in the fossil record. But it appears that the record of the rocks has been carefully edited to support current evolutionary theory.

Philosophy of Science:
Higher Dimensional Science
At a time when the attempt to explain everything in the universe in terms of simple physical laws is proving unsuccessful, the need for a new strategy of scientific investigation is becoming more and more apparent.

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Magazine, 64 pages, first printed in 1984, 8.25" x 11".

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