Vegetarian World Food

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Kurma Dasa


Kurma's vegetarian cuisine is attracting food lovers from all cultures with its exotic flavors, delicate spices, superb nutrition and positively addictive taste. Now the best, most delicious dishes from Kurma's classic books, Great Vegetarian Dishes, Cooking with Kurma, and Quick Vegetarian Dishes, are more accessible than ever in Vegetarian World Food: The Best of Cooking with Kurma. Contemporary cooks will find "Vegetarian World Food" a sublime gourmet experience.

A compendium of Kurma's best international recipes. Going vegetarian has never been easier-or more tasty!

The latest cookbook by Kurma brings you guilt-free, mouth-watering dishes from around the world. This is the cream of the crop; his favorite recipes in a variety of international flavors. World Food gives you 321 recipes from the Mediterranean, India, Europe, South East Asia, and other regions around the globe.

Some Recipes Included:

  • Stuffed Italian Flat Bread
  • Fiery South Indian Toor Dal Soup
  • Old English Saffron Bread
  • Turkish Pilaf with Currants & Pine Nuts
  • Mexican Green Chili Rice

Product Details

Hardbound, 213 pages, 321 recipes, numerous color photographs, 10" x 10". First published 1998.

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