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Sacinandana Swami


Discover the fascinating world of brahmana culture. Explore the intricate meanings of the gayatri-mantras. Become aware of the power of transcendental sound vibration. gain inspiration and encouragement for your devotional service.

The Gayatri Book is a comprehensive manual and a source of inspiration on the mystery of the gayatri-mantras, their meaning and practice. A book not only for brahmana initiated practitioners, but for aspiring candidates as well as for inquisitive nectar seekers.

Serious practitioners of Bhakti will want this book in their library. This thoroughly researched, logically presented book covers the seven Gayatri mantras chanted by brahmanas in ISKCON: what they are, the effects of chanting them, the meaning of diksha, becoming qualified to chant the mantras, the practice of chanting, the bijas, and more. The pilgrimage toward pure chanting of Gayatri requires inspiration, guidance, understanding, attention, and mercy. Minute details of chanting Gayatri are laid out systematically for each mantra. 

Chapter Eight, "The Gayatri Treasury," is a source of meditation and inspiration on Gayatri, but that's not the only place in the book one will find inspiration for chanting and becoming more serious about the practice of chanting Sri Gayatri.

This edition includes a section of study questions that help you test and deepen your understanding of each chapter. Also, the text has been completely re-designed and is printed in two colors making it easy to read. A definite must in every spiritual bookshelf.

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Third edition, revised and extended, in a beautiful new design.

Hardbound, 351 page, index, 6" x 9".