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Special Order Art

Special Order Art Prints

There are over 1,000 Krishna art paintings that the BBT has given us permission to reprint for you on request, and there are over 19 thousand photos of Srila Prabhupada that we can reprint for you on request. That's a LOT of images!

So HOW do you request a special order reprint? Since this is all on request, you can select the painting or photo, as well as the material we print on, and there are many size option. Please scroll down for some price, size, and material examples.

We do have a lot of images available as posters, photo prints, and canvas prints already, so please browse in our Art Shop. If we don’t have the painting or photo you are looking for here, we can have a special order print done for you.

Your options for special ordering prints are below, and because this is a custom order, we have a great many options. To find out more about the image, size, and material you are interested in, please contact us at artprints@krishna.com so we can make arrangements with you for a special order.

The Krishna.com Store


Email Us!

When you email us at artprints@krishna.com with your request, please tell us these details so we can help you quickly:

1. The image catalog number. If it is a painting, it will start with TA and have four numbers after it. You can find these in our Krishna Art Gallery. [Most of Srila Prabhupada's photos can be browsed here, and their catalog numbers start with CT.]

2. Size and material. If you aren't sure about size or material, that's fine, but give us an idea of what you are looking for so we can help with recomendations. If you know how wide or how tall you want the print, we can help you figure out the final dimensions.

3. Special needs or requirements. Do you have a certain date you need the print by, or a particular place you will be hanging this print? Let us know so we can help you with these needs. There is not always a swift turnaround if we have to remaster an image. 

4. Where is this being shipped? Are you having this shipped to an address in the USA, or outside the USA? We can also give you a general shipping estimate, and help with some special shipping issues to international destinations.


Browse the Krishna.com paintings gallery for the Krishna art paintings you are looking for. Or browse the Srila Prabhupada photo gallery for pictures of Srila Prabhupada. We usually need to know the catalog number of the painting or photo you are interested in. Paintings have numbers that start with 'TA' and then four numbers. Srila Prabhupada photos usually start with 'BN' or 'CT' and then numbers (they sometimes start first with 'SP' but you don't have to include that part).


Material we can print on:

Photo Paper

This is a very high quality photograph paper. Many printing companies have switched to photo printing which is not as good as this older photo paper development, which has brighter colors and looks very nice.
Sizes & Prices: We can offer standard sizes of this from 5"x7" to about 20"x24". This is the most inexpensive type of print we can offer.
Example: 5"x7" = $2.95. 8"x10" = $6.95, 11"x14" = $10.95, 16"x20" = $23.95


A white base covers real fabric canvas before the image is printed onto it. You get a subtle texture so the painting looks more ‘real’. The colors are very nice, and people have been very happy with this choice. This arrives in a roll and needs to be framed. (Free optional 2” additional border for framing.)
Sizes & Prices: We can do almost any sizes from 8”x10” up to 55”x100”.
Example: 11"x14" = $24.95. 16"x20" = $35.95, 24"x36" = $72.95, 30"x40" = $95.95

Poster Paper

This is similar in print quality and color quality to the canvas, but is printed on a poster paper. It is slightly less expensive than the canvas prints. It also arrives as a rolled poster, and can be printed almost as large as a canvas.
Sizes & Prices: We can do almost any sizes from 8”x10” up to 58”x100”.
Example: 11"x14" = $21.95. 16"x20" = $26.95, 24"x36" = $47.95, 30"x40" = $86.95

White Vinyl

We have had some requests for vinyl from temples or people in humid climates because this material is less likely to get damaged by the elements. It is rougher than canvas, and so the print quality is lower. But it’s great for outside displays.
Sizes & Prices: We can do almost any sizes from 12”x12” up to 61”x100”.
Example: 16"x20" = $27.95, 20"x30" = $28.95, 24"x36" = $48.95

What would you like?

We have done some wonderful and unusual prints for people over the last year, and although the requests are coming in faster, we’re trying to keep up with them, and offer you the print you want. So let us know what you're looking for.
Remastering: We don't charge any fees for remastering these images, because we want you to have the best possible print. But if we need to digitally remaster the image, it may ad up to 10 days to your order time. We can tell you if this will be necessary when you email us.