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Agha, the Eight-Mile Monster Agha, the Eight-Mile Monster
This delightful children’s book based on a story from the Bhagavata Purana describes one of Krishna's amazing adventures. | More...
Damodara Coloring Book Damodara Coloring Book
This exra-large coloring book has 22 verses of poems describing Krishna as the child Damodara. | Browse...
Nrisimhadeva & Prahlad Doll Nrisimhadeva & Prahlad Doll
Hand-made Nrsimhadeva doll with Prahlad Maharaja. Durable enough for children, but so attractive, you may want to keep him on a shelf for yourself. | More...
Where's Hanuman? Where's Hanuman?
Twelve great picture adventures for kids of all ages. Find Hanuman and his friends in these brightly illustrated scenes from the Ramayana. | Browse...
Param Padam: A Transcendental Board Game Param Padam: A Transcendental Board Game
The childhood board game of Snakes and Ladders has been a classic for decades. What most people don't know is the game originated in Vedic India. | More...
Newest for Kids

Little Heros series, and more new books!

Rama Doll
Sita Devi Doll
Lakshman Doll
Hanuman Doll
Nrisimhadeva & Prahlad Doll
Purushottama Jagannatha Doll Set
Dancing Elephant Pillow, Golden Tan
Radharani Doll, Blue Sari
Radharani Doll, Magenta Sari
Balarama Doll, Golden Turban
Dancing Elephant Pillow, Deep Brown

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