Nature's IQ, Extraordinary Animal Behaviors that Defy Evolution

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Balazs Hornyanszky (Isvara Krishna Dasa) and Istvan Tasi (Lalitanatha das)


It is not at all surprising that insects behave like insects, birds like birds, and mammals like mammals. They execute most of their intricate behavior in a predetermined, instinctive manner. But how do they know when and how they should act? Where did the intelligence that is manifested in nature come from?

Is the current view necessarily the correct one - that inert matter (lacking consciousness) somehow acquired intelligence over the course of a vast span of time?

Darwin's theory of evolution is widely accepted as the explanation for the varieties of life. Evolutionists attempt to explain the origins of behavioral patterns by gradual modifications of more simple behavior forms.

With its captivating photography and stunning examples, Nature's IQ reveals how this popular explanation is impossible. Is it possible that there is an alternative explanation, that our world reflects in many different ways a supernatural intelligence that has applied its own infinitely ingenious solutions to create the living word?

Nature's IQ offers a fascinating look at why these creatures defy evolution. It also opens the reader's mind to an alternative response to the question "Where do we come from?"

Award-Winning Finalist in the "Science: General" category of the National Best Books 2009 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.

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Hardbound, 159 pages, numerous color photographs, index, dust-jacket, 8" x 10".

  • First published 2009.