Nama Rahasya, The Confidential Secrets of Chanting the Holy Name in Perfection

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Sacinandana Swami


Nama Rahasya is meant to help sincere practitioners of mantra meditation access divine mercy and empower them to chant the holy name in perfection.

Nama Rahasya: The Confidential Secrets of Chanting the Holy Name in Perfection offers a practical overview of the inner journey to perfection. This includes the use of general outlines to chart an individual's journey.  This is useful because the experiences of those who have traveled the path before—and reached the goal—can show us what we can expect.

Each soul's journey has its unique twists and turns. Some may stay at one level for a longer time than others. Some will find shortcuts on the path by obtaining special blessings.  Others may discover techniques that work for themselves but not for others. The general outlines take into account individual experience; a Krishna-conscious life depends on our specific relationship with the Lord and on how we respond to Krishna's call to resume that relationship.

This book is arranged in three parts, corresponding to Mana-sambandha, nama-abhideya, andnama-prayojana - the three divisions of Vedic knowledge in relation to the holy names. Part one is about establishing our relationship with the divine names by gaining correct understanding. Parts 2 and 3 describe the means and the end of chanting.

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Hardbound, 119 Pages, glossary,5.5" x 7.5".