Made in India

india-map-little-e5d8b9.jpgWhy do we point out when an item was 'Made in India' or 'Printed in India'?

India's economy is still built on cottage industry and the small businessman. Not only is proud to offer a wide variety of Krishna conscious items to support and enhance your spiritual lifestyle, we are also thrilled to be able to help sustain the craftsmen (and women) of India.

Many products you purchase through the store were manufactured in typical cottage-industry fashion -- which means hand made. So although these items are created to conform to a standard model, there are always small inconsistancies in details such as hammered brass, tailored kurtas and embroidered flowers. We prefer to think of this, not as imperfection, but as character.

Books are often printed on small presses which are nothing like the multi-million-dollar machines that produce one perfect volume after another. But India is known for its prolific scholars and spiritualists who produce books that are more valuable for their content than how they look in your library. Often the paper is not as pristine, or the print alignment not as exact, as Western presses produce.

Of course we examine every item we receive from India because we care about the quality of the products. If something slips by us and does not measure up to your standards, we are commited to do what it takes to make you happy again. Our goal will always be that every item you buy from us is relevant to your life, every order we ship is the most important order we've received, and every customer is our friend, our neighbor, and our family.

Because so many of our products are made in India and it takes time to ship them from the other side of the world, it can be difficult to keep them in stock continuously. You're sure to find us out of things sometimes, and we appologize. But if you check with us by phone or email, we can give you more information about when it might be back in stock. And always feel free to make suggestions or requests for things you'd like to see us carry. Our shopping in India is a service to you, and we make every effort to find what you're looking for.

Help us continue to support the artisans and skilled craftsmen (and women) of India while you shop at the store. Look for the 'Made in India' or 'Printed in India'note on products while you browse.