Just Chant: Niranjana Swami and Friends

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An offering to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada on ISKCON's 50th Anniversary.

In appreciation and gratitude to ISKCON's Youth Minister, Manorama das, for his selfless dedication to serving ISKCON's Youth, Niranjana Swami and friends will contributing 100% of the proceeds from audio sales to the ISKCON Youth Ministry.

1. Purification (Hare Krishna) [6:06]
2. Ocean of Bliss (Jai Govinda Jai Gopal) [12:38]
3. Awakening (Hare Krishna) [featuring Ananta Govinda] [10:37]
4. Devotion (Radhe Govinda) [featuring Acyuta Gopi] [9:44]
5. Sweet Nectar (Hare Krishna) [16:48]
6. Just Chant (Bol Hari Bol) [7:19]
7. Longing (Hare Krishna) [12:52]
8. Holy Name (Nadiya Godrume) [7:36]
9. Kirtan (Hare Krishna) [featuring Krishna Kishora] [12:47]
10. 12 Years of Separation (Hare Krishna) [featuring Akincana Krishna Dasa] [7:06]

Lead Vocals & Harmonium: Niranjana Swami, Ananta Govinda, Acyuta Gopi, Akincana Krishna Dasa and Krishna Kishora (Kish)
Background Vocals: Niranjana Swami, Ananta Govinda, Acyuta Gopi, Akincana Krishna Dasa, Krishna Kishora, Rati Manjari and Hrsikesa
Bass: Purusartha Dasa
Percussion: Ananta Govinda and Akincana Krishna Dasa
Flute: Krishna Kishora
Kartals: Acyuta Gopi and Rati Manjari
Recorded at: Butler Recording, Brooklyn, NY
Recording Engineer: Chris Butler
Mix Engineers: Paul Fox, Chris Butler, Devananda Sadkin and Hrsikesa dasa (Harish Vaswani)
Mastered at: Indie Masters, Melbourne, Australia
Mastering Engineer: Paul Fox
Artwork Designers: Purusartha Dasa and Sri Radha Devi Dasi
Project Coordinator:
Divya Dasi
Produced by: Niranjana Swami and Hrsikesa dasa (Harish Vaswani)
A very special thanks to Bada Haridas for his expert guidance.

Press the USB tab to flip out. Insert with "2016" facing up.


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