You can purchase downloadable digital products from the Store just like you would purchase any other physical product. (Please note that these are MP3 files that you will download, and are not part of a subscription or streaming service like iTunes or Amazon Kindle. Once you purchase these files, you will download them to your computer and be responsible for using them and storing them as you would a physical product.)

Because you will need to log in to complete your downloads, you will need to create an account, or log in to your existing account. You cannot check out as a guest in this situation.

Once the order is 'Completed', you will be able to download your digital products. This will depend on your payment method. Often orders will be 'completed' immediately if paid by PayPal. But having physical products included with digital products on a single order, or problems with the payment processing, could delay order finalization. We will be able to help you finalize your order to 'Completed' during our normal office hours.

To Download Your Digital Products

NOTE: iPhone users (and most Apple device users), please read the below section for iTunes info. Please DO NOT download these files to your phone unless you know you will be able access them without using iTunes. Most iPhones are set up to use iTunes for audio/MP3 files, and you have to download the files to your computer and sync them with iTunes first.

Go to My Account and log in, then go to Complete Orders

Here you will see a list of your previous orders. Your downloadable files will have a link at the end of the product name that you will use to download the digital product. (Click this link only once and give it time to initiate the download session. Clicking it multiple times will make it open more than one download session.)


Sometimes your product will be one zipped file which you will have to download and unpack before you can access it. Most computers have a tool to 'unzip' or 'uncompress' a file.

There are times your digital product will be available as a list of multiple single files. Often these are going to be uncompressed .mp3 files. You will have to save each of these files. This is for ease of access for people with smart phones, or people with slower internet connections that cannot download a single large file.


iTunes Users / Apple Devices

iPhone users, please do not download these MP3/audio products to your phone unless you know you can use them without iTunes. 

If you use iTunes and/or an iPhone or other Apple devices, you will likely have to use iTunes to access these downloads. Most iPhone users cannot just download these audio files onto their smart phone. Often you have to download these files to your computer in order to sync with iTunes.

You will have to follow the instructions provided by iTunes or your iPhone on how to sync your new downloads with iTunes in order to play them on your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device. You shuold know if you need to use iTunes or another service to access audio or video files on your Apple device.

Here are some helpful websites to learn how to do this:

Trouble Shooting Downloads

There are a few common issues when downloading digital products.

  • "My download has expired but I haven't be able to download it yet" This could mean one of two things:

1) You downloaded your items 30 days or more after you purchased it. Dowloads are available for 30 days after you buy them, and you can make up to 3 attempts to download each file in those 30 days. After that, your download link is expired.

2) You may have clicked the 'download' link too many times because it didn't seem like anything was happening. Click the download link only once and give the system a minute to start the download steps. If you click multiple times, this counts towards your three download attempts and the system will expire your download links.

  • "I downloaded the zip file but it is empty or corrupt." This is a common message when a Windows user downloads the zip files to the default 'Downloads' folder as most web browsers are set to do. The 'Downloads' folder is a temporary folder that Windows cannot correctly unzip files from, so a simple fix is to move the zip files to another folder on your computer. You should be able to unzip these now. The same is true for saving it to your desktop. Please svae these files to your documents folder.)


  • "I cannot unzip the files." OR "WinZip tells me the files are incorrect/corrupt/empty." We have recently had a series of complaints from WinZip users being unable to unzip these files. We have also had trouble using WinZip recently. So we recommend using something other than WnZip until we can report that it works again. Many iOS (Mac) systems, and Windows 10 systems, include an unzipping tool. There are several other free unzipping tools available online, also.

Downloads Policies

You will have 30 days to download your digital product before it expires.

You will have 3 attempts to download the digital files (unless otherwise stated on the file download list). This means that if you cannot complete the download for technical reasons, you will be able to try again rather than loose access to your digital product. Please click the 'download files' link only once and give it time to launch because clicking it repeatedly will often use up your three download attempts as it attempts to start three simultaneous download sessions.

Once you have downloaded the digital product, please examine it to make sure it downloaded correctly and unzipped correctly (if it was zipped). You have 30 days to report errors or issues with digital files, and let us replace defective files.

Knowing how to find the downloaded items, how to unpack and store these files, how to use them on your device, and how to transfer them to other devices is solely your responsibility. These downloads are MP3/audio/digital files, and not part of a streaming or subscription service (like iTunes, Amazon Kindle, etc.). We do not know how to use all devices, or all softwares, so can only be of limited help once you download the files.

Once you download a digital product successfully, it is your responsibility to save and maintain this product. does not currently have the facilities to act as a storage repository for digital files.

All of the digital products we offer at the Store are legally licensed through the intelectual properties' owners. All proceeds from the sales fo these products supports the artists, authors, and owners of the works. We encourage you to respect the artists and authors, and not share or sell these digital products without legal consent from the copyright holder.