Easy Journey to Other Planets

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


Contrary to widespread belief, space travel has always been possible. In ancient times, yogis and higher beings traveled freely throughout the cosmos via subtle technologya science that is practically lost today. Contemporary, mechanical attempts at space travel receive tremendous media coverage; but don't have such tremendous results.

Easy Journey To Other Planets explains how, using subtle, spiritual energy, anyone can travel to other planets and see the wonders of material creation. Also, those who wish to may travel beyond the material creation to the spiritual world, the ultimate destination, from which one never has to return to the limited world of matter.

Easy Journey to Other Planets gives a birds-eye view of the vast cosmos and spiritual world, for readers to make well-informed travel choices.

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Softbound, 87 pages, index, glossary, 8 color plates, 4" x 7".

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    Posted by Unknown on 27th May 2020

    I was surprised at the scientific information included. The book is even dedicated to scientists. Reminded me of The Tao of Physics in its comparisons between scientific studies and Eastern thought.