Devotional Dishes, Recipes for Ekadasi Fasting

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Krishna Priya Dasi


According to Vedic scriptures, Ekadasi is the eleventh lunar day of every fortnight; fasting and praying on this auspicious day are recommended for enhancing one's spiritual consciousness. All followers of Ekadasi avoid eating any grains and beans on this day, so Ekadasi recipes take this into consideration.

"Devotional Dishes" is a unique cookbook that features more than 260 Ekadasi recipes, beautifully illustrated with full color photographs. These delicious recipes use only Ekadasi prescribed ingredients, and readers will experience for themselves the many spiritual and health benefits which naturally follow as a result of observing Ekadasi. Descriptions are also included for how to further enhance the efficacy of the Ekadasi fast —by chanting or reading about Krishna's pastimes.

All recipes are gluten- and grain-free; for soups, breads, salads, appetizers, main courses, accompaniments, desserts, and beverages.

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Softbound, 454 pages, 7.25"x9.5".

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About the Author

Krishna Priya Dasi has been cooking for the Deities Radha Golokananda at New Goloka, North Carolina, USA since 1996. Her first cookbook, 'The Art of Indian Sweets,' was published in 2012.