Our Number One Customer Complaint

1st Apr 2016

Our Number One Customer Complaint

We don't get a lot of complaints, but we do get this one a lot, and we hate it too!

Our shipping prices are just so high!

Yes, they are. And we hate it too. But we don't have many options.

  • We're not a big company and we can't negotiate cheap rates with delivery companies. We charge you what we are charged. We do not make money on shipping fees.
  • We're not a big company that can write their own shopping software. Our shopping software is sort of dumb about shipping right now and only allows us to offer you one method per destination.
  • We want your packages to arrive on time and in good condition. Our online store shows you our preferred method of shipping (either UPS or USPS Priority Mail) depending on your destination.

BUT we are people, and we want to help you!

If we can save you money on shipping without compromising the quality of your shipping, we always do this and credit you the shipping difference.

AND ... If you want to ship by another method that costs less, place your online order and then call or email immediately so we can give you other options. We are more than happy to work with you. We just want to let you know what to expect with lower priced shipping methods. For example, we are happy to ship Media Mail value as long as you agree that the 6 to 8 week shipping time is acceptable.

Why talk about his now?

The US Postal Service just increased their rates in January. The last two USPS rate increases and the last two UPS rate increases were tough because we had to decide whether to increase our shipping rates in reaction, or absorb the small increases.

These last two years we decided to absorb the shipping rate increases. This most recent one is significant, especially for international shipping.

We had to make some hard choices. One idea was to just not ship outside of the USA. But about 25% of our customers are international, and we didn't feel like this was a good solution.

We also had to decide whether to absorb the new increase, or finally adjust our shipping tables. If we did not adjust our shipping tables, we would actually be losing money each package we ship. Which is not a responsible business practice. Ultimately the Krishna.com Store is here to support Krishna.com itself. And by losing money, it would not be helping the whole of Krishna.com at all.

Another idea was to just close the Krishna.com Store. Yes, we actually did consider doing this. The store is only here to benefit Krishna.com. No one is profiting from the store at all. So if the store was hurting Krishna.com, it would have to go.

Ultimately the decision was made.

We had to decide to increase our shipping rates just a little for the new USPS and UPS increases. This will affect our overall ability to serve the Krishna conscious families and individuals around the world, since not everyone can easily afford the shipping. But I hope that we can get the message out that we want to work with you on a shipping method and price that you can live with.

So please don't get discouraged by the shipping option our software offers. If you want a cheaper, less reliable shipping method, we can make that adjustment when we process your order. Please contact us and let our customer service ladies and warehouse manager help you.

Behind this fancy looking website is a small but friendly group of people that want to help you!