Annual Warehouse Inventory & Clearance 2016

Annual Warehouse Inventory & Clearance 2016

30th Jan 2016

Every year at the beginning of January we do a full inventory of our warehouse and office to count every single item we have in stock. As you can imagine, this is a tedious task that everyone on the team jumps in to accomplish as quickly and accurately as possible. This year it was over 32,000 individual items from stickers to mrdanga drums!

From there we can look at all of the overstocks we have, and determine what we have too much of, or what didn’t sell fast enough of the previous year. We know what we need to sell down on quantity, which leads to our super popular annual warehouse clearance sale.

Which means so many great deals for you, our loyal customers, because there’s usually nothing wrong with any of these items. We just have too many on hand and need to liquidated some stock. The more we need to sell, the lower the price.

This year I had a list of about 800 items that were part of our warehouse clearance sale. And a list of about 200 more things to put on sale because they were last season, slightly damaged, or just not something we wanted to continue carrying.

And then once the sale has been going on for a week, I can see a lot of things are gone, but people are still excited about the sale, so I often put a whole list of more items on sale because I like to see people excited.

Over the years, our warehouse clearance sale has been incredibly popular. Many people wait and watch for the things they’ve wanted but couldn’t afford previously. We see a lot of people snapping up big books, deity sets, lots of kids’ things, and gorgeous jewelry. It’s also a great time to buy gifts for people!

Because there’s so much on sale, I can’t bring it all together in one spot to make it easier to browse through. You have to browse the whole store or go directly to the items you’ve been interested in. Before someone else buys it. Because this sale only happens once a year, on in-stock items only, and prices don’t apply to previous or future purchases.

Happy shopping – and remember that every time you shop at the Store, you support the whole of financially as if you were making a donation!