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Back to Godhead Issue, Sept/Oct 2017, Download


Product Description

Back to Godhead is a magazine offering articles and information on Krishna consciousness (or bhakti-yoga). The magazine is published six time each year, and is available here per issue, or as a subscription. Back to Godhead is also available online at: btg.krishna.com


Nagaraja Dasa

This Issue

Founder's Lecture: The Real Religion of the Living Entity

Srila Prabhupada explains the concept of dharma, a word often inaccurately translated as "religion."

Vritrasura, the Godly Demon, by Akshay Gupta

Though cursed by Goddess Parvati to be born as a demon, the devotee Chitraketu retains his spiritual standing.

Elevating Our Emotions, by Chaitanya Charana Dasa

We can protect ourselves from emotional manipulation by learning how to activate and strengthen our higher emotions.

Hare Krishna People

Patisserie Divine, by Gita Beeharry Poonyth

After finding success in selling prasadam pastries to outlets around Mauritius, Navakishora Dasa decides to start a vegetarian pastry school.

Self-realization in Bhakti, by Hari Parayana Dasa

To understand who we truly are, no other path described in the Gita is as effective as bhakti-yoga.

"Fruitive Activity": Telling Terminology in the Science of Self-Realization, by Karuna Dharini Devi Dasi

Srila Prabhupada artfully enlists a rare English word for our spiritual benefit.

From Osmosis to Perfection: The Importance of Sadhu-Sanga, by Satyaraja Dasa

To make steady progress in bhakti we need guidance and inspiration from those more spiritually mature.

Book Excerpt

The Krishna Book Miracle, by Shyamasundar das

Srila Prabhupada was ready to publish a book all about Krishna, and he wanted George Harrison's help.

Book Excerpt

Yashoda Finds and Catches Krishna, by Shivarama Swami

Some details about Krishna's endearing Damodara-lila that you've probably never heard before.

The Power of Intent, by Vishakha Devi Dasi

Some people think of karma as a blind, mechanical law, but it's not as simple as that.

Departments: Letters, A Pause for Prayer, Calendar, Srimad-Bhagavatam: King Indra Steals the Sacrificial Horse, Srila Prabhupada Speaks Out: Barking About Bodily Concerns, Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra, From the Editor: The Good Thief,  Krishna.com Store, Vedic Thoughts. 

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This is the digital download PDF version of BTG Vol. 51, No. 5. Includes the usual departments, such as Letters, Srila Prabhupada Speaks Out, Calendar, and From the Editor. Magazine, 68 pages. 8.25" x 11"

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