About Our Products

We are happy to be able to offer you devotional items that are intended to insipre Krishna consciousness in your daily life.

We stand behind the products we offer, and we try to offer you as much info about them before you buy them. Sometimes we have special info on products we need you to know before ordering so you know what to expect. So if there is an info link in a product description, please follow it to find out more.

For example, we have items shipped from India that are not made to Western standards. But since there is no alternative made here in the West, and there is demand, we decide to carry these items anyway. So we offer you more information on items we buy in India and let you decide if you are interesting in ordering imperfect items, such as books that sometimes have crooked pages or printing smudges.

If you have questions about the items after reading out extended info, feel free to contact us.