Big news! The Store will be closed January 19th & 20th for annual warehouse inventory. Then on January 20th we're moving to our new software! What does that mean for you? Read more here...
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Update: We will be closing the Store on January 19th and 20th for our annual warehouse inventory. When we re-open for business, we will be opening in our new store software!

Hare Krishna!

Big changes are on the horizon and they may affect you! They certainly affect the store!

The ecommerce software we have been using since the very beginning is being retired. It was purchased by eBay in 2007, and they have recently decided they are not going to continue the software. It wasn't a perfect eccommerce software (it had its problems), but it was something we could afford and worked well enough.

But now we have an opportunity to do some spring cleaning, and start fresh in a new shopping software, with some new features. We're a little excited for the change.

What does that mean for you? Well the BIG news is that for security reasons, we decided not to try to move all of YOUR personal information from the old store to the new store.We think it is just safer for you and us to start fresh in the new store.

So after January 20th, when you visit the store, you will have to make a new account. I know, it will be difficult to set up a new account, and not have access to your previous order history. But we just didn't want to put your information at risk at all.

On the good side, we have some cool new upgrades in the new store we're excited about.

1) The MOST important news is that this new software allows us to combine our shop with physical products (books, CDs, deities) with our downloads store (downloadable music, ringtones, digital products). So this will all be on one place!

2) We will have more pictures, a new 'look', and some new ways of being able to help you enhance your Krishna conscious lifestyle.

3) We're spring cleaning our product line. What? We've notices new trends in what people are (or are not) buying, and also responding to changes in import/export with India. We have been making some serious decisions about the products we carry in the Store, and this is a great chance to focus on the things you want us to carry. This means that a lot of products are being retired. (Not forever. Just until you start asking for us to carry them again.) We only want to offer you the things you ask for that will help your spiritual life.

So please enter the new year with some new changes to the store. Still available at, and still offering the level of customer service you've grown to expect. Just new software, and a new eye on the products you are interested in.


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